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Magnification Gallery

A Glimpse at the Real Size of the Images...

The panoramas below have been prepared in such a way as to give a sense of the scale and detail of the images you'll find presented on this website. A small portion of each has been excerpted, and that excerpt is then presented along with a magnifying glass feature that will at last allow you to see an example of the image full scale. Again, it is only what you see within the magnifying glass that is representational of the detail captured in these images when presented full-size. And yet, with that said, it is still only an approximation because the 72 pixels per inch of your computer monitor still do not allow the detail to be shown as in the crisp clarity of an actual print.

Click any image below to give it a try, but be warned: this won't work very well if you don't have a fairly quick internet connection because we're talking about some pretty big file sizes. Also, if you're interested in exploring this further, more magnifiable images are featured among some of our Landscapes of the Month.

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