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Magnification Gallery

A Glimpse at the Real Size of the Images...

Ok, so up at the top is the full image reduced from its native size of about 2 feet by 3 feet. Down below here is an enlarged excerpt which contains full-size image data while still being reduced to fit comfortably on your computer screen. If you mouse over the top of this excerpted image, you'll notice there's an automatic "magnifying glass" effect applied. What you see inside the magnification box is an example of the detail you'd see in a full-size print of this image.

This one's the ultimate "Where's Waldo" search. Or rather, how many Waldos can you find out there? If you look carefully at the top image there appear to be, oh, maybe about zero or so people in that panorama, right?

Sorry. Look again, this time down below. Just for fun, try without the magnifying glass first, then use the magnifier. In only one small section of the flat off in the direction toward the right there are, well... I won't even say. Email me and we'll see if we came up with the same number:)

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